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What we do

Layer 2 Chain

The Conscious Network stands at the vanguard of blockchain evolution, offering a Layer 2 solution that seamlessly bridges the gap between Bitcoin's robustness and the dynamic world of Dapps.

Our innovative use of zkRollup technology enhances transaction safety and introduces a decentralized governance model, setting us apart from the centralized norms.


DeFi + EVM Ready

At the heart of our network lies the Layer 2 bridge, utilizing zkRollup technology for data transfers and decentralized governance.

Coupled with our Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, the Conscious Network allows for a diverse array of DeFi applications and efficient cross-chain relays, ensuring a transparent and cost-effective user experience.


AI + DePin

The Conscious Network introduces a unique AI experience, integrating decentralized storage and computing resources to ensure data security and privacy.

Users can train their own Large Language Models (LLM) AI, tailored to their preferences without concerns about data misuse, directly embedded into the network's infrastructure.


Integration with
Conscious AI

The Conscious Network introduces a personalized AI experience, integrating decentralized storage and computing resources to ensure data security and privacy.

This approach allows users to train the LLM AI, which is seamlessly integrated into our network, to be uniquely tailored to their preferences and data. By embedding the LLM code directly into the network's infrastructure, users can confidently contribute their data for training their personalized AI, without concerns about data misuse or leakage.

Uniting bitcoin and de-fi

Harnessing zkRollup technology for seamless integration

The Conscious Network bridge represents a pivotal innovation, connecting Bitcoin with the burgeoning world of decentralized finance (DeFi). Utilizing cutting-edge zkRollup technology, our bridge ensures enhanced transaction safety and security while maintaining the high throughput necessary for modern DeFi applications.

Through this, we also preserve the essence of decentralization with a governance model that embodies inclusivity and transparency, setting a new precedent for Layer 2 solutions.


Introducing our Bitcoin Bridge solution:

Seamlessly secure your Bitcoin on the Conscious Network and earn token rewards.

The more time your Bitcoin spends bridged to our network, the greater your rewards. This straightforward process not only enhances security but also maximizes your gains over time!

Blockchain Reimagined: The Conscious Chain

Building the foundation for a decentralized future

The Conscious Network goes beyond mere infrastructure—it is the backbone of a transformative blockchain experience.

By integrating the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), as well as the native EVMOS support, we not only enable a plethora of DeFi applications but also invite an ecosystem where every stakeholder has a voice, ensuring that our platform is shaped by its users for the users.

The Ecosystem: A Synergy of Technology and Community

Empowering Growth Through Collaboration and Innovation

At Conscious Network, our ecosystem is more than a network of transactions; it's a thriving community of innovators, developers, and visionaries.

Our ecosystem incentives and community rewards foster a fertile ground for growth, encouraging participation, and innovation.

Through incentive mining and a transparent governance model, we are building a robust environment that not only supports existing blockchain solutions but also paves the way for the next wave of digital revolution.