Ecological Application Platform

CVN Conscious Value Network provides account authentication, storage clouds, asynchronous communication and program scheduling for tens of thousands of CPUs or clusters. This technology would enable a general-purpose and decentralized blockchain storage cloud, a BaaS platform, lifecloud and decentralized identifiers (DIDs) which could support millions of transactions per second.

Decentralized Storage Cloud
CVN’s decentralized storage cloud provides the infrastructure for a commercial-grade blockchain, which perfectly responds to application scenarios such as high concurrency, relational, key-value pairs, large capacity, efficient indexing, and data security.
CVN Decentralized Storage Cloud vs. Centralized Storage Cloud
CVN Conscious Value Network Traditional Cloud
Highly decentralized Centralized Control
Public database based on public-key cryptography for digital privacy Private Database
Rule-based distributed cooperation Centralized Administration
Tampering-proof /
Safety /
Openness /
Low level cost Expensive
BaaS Platform
In order to speed up the blockchain Web 3.0 era advocated by CVN, the project is conceived from the bottom-up. User-ease and developer-friendliness stand among the core ideas of CVN. The elaboration of modular development functions and cloud platform tools, enable enterprise developers to focus on blockchain business operations instead of coding.
The CVN initiative provides a broad toolkit for blockchains building for multiple applications. Blockchain template preparation allows users to choose from different protocol parameters and pluggable components (e.g., consensus model).
Smart Contracts
The team designed CVN smart contracts with full consideration to prioritize the rigid demand scenarios of blockchain and landing. This includes but is not limited to finance, games, asset digitization, financing, depositing, insurance, and other big scenarios.
  • New Solidity
  • CRC20
  • CRC721
Coming soon
Smart Contracts Functionality Comparison Chart
CVN Bitcoin Ethereum EOS
Non-Turing Language Turing Complete Yes Turing Complete Turing Complete
Easiness to build Easy Difficult Easy Easy
Transfer of tokens in smart contract Supported Not supported Not supported Available by design
Retrieval of smart contracts Fast Not supported Not supported Available by design
Smart contract creation cost Flexible From fixed to flexible More expensive (Super Node) Free
Security High High General General
Contract can have multiple tokens Supported Not supported Not supported Supported
Degree of network resource consumption Low General  High   High 
Lifecloud is a decentralized video content distribution platform and player based on the “Renren Cloud Express” product. Built on CVN’s decentralized storage cloud, lifecloud establishes a set of trustworthy peer-to-peer value distribution networks.
The Lifecloud’s decentralized identifiers (DID) is an important achievement in the development of the product. The Lifecloud_DID supports users to put all their private personal data such as their username, password, private keys, fingerprint, face and more all in a decentralized storage space for management, storage and authentication purposes. It also allows users to verify their identity through blockchain. This is useful for various on-chain governance, DeFi and other digital identity application scenarios.
  • Decentralization
  • Authenticity
  • Privacy
  • Ownership
Decentralized Finance
The Conscious Value Network prioritises a landing and expansion scenario for finance. Importantly, the financial sector stands for very high requirements in all its aspects. Including but not limited to:
  • Cross-border payments
  • Stable digital currency
  • Defi and its derivatives
  • Liquidity Management
CVNT Tokenomics
  • Total amount
    200 million
  • Market circulation
    5 million
  • Currently locked
    195 million
  • 25%
    (50 million)
    Supernode Mining
  • 25%
    (50 million)
    Verifier Node Mining
  • 35%
    (70 million)
    Storage Mining
  • 15%
    (30 million)
    Foundation Reservation*
* The foundation reservation is to support community ecological construction, including but not limited to crypto real estate, games, NFT, CVN mining pool options, and token mapping after CVN3.0 upgrade.
Decentralized Mining
By superpositioning PoSt consensus and Layer scheme, CVN supports both traditional HTTP interface and IPFS file transfer protocol. It also has designed a new decentralized mining model, supporting four forms mining: hardware mining, hash mining, cloud mining pools, and third-party mining. At present, it has fully launched VRF super node staking mining without any loss, Ethereum Layer2 verifier node mining, and PoSt mining.
  • VRF
    VRF Super Node Loss‑Free Pledge Mining
  • Ethereum
    Ethereum Layer2 verifier node mining
    Coming soon
  • PoSt
    PoSt space-time proof storage space mining
    Coming soon
More rewards to come
In addition to the incentive model, the CVN Conscious Value Network cloud storage ecology also attracts users to participate in decentralized storage network construction and promotes community activity to ensure the health and efficiency of the ecosystem through multiple reward mechanisms, including option, performance and community rewards, as well as elite nodes, and ecological seeds.