Technology Values
High TPS
High Security
High Scalability
Scarce Forking Probability
Prevent Sybil Attacks
High Feasibility of Data/Node
Key Performance Index
Block Height
Supernode Capacity
  • Sharding Instructions
  • Layered Ecosystem
  • LevelDB Data Layer
  • StateTrie Tree
Core Architecture
CVN adopts a four-layer architecture of basic technology layer, consensus layer, protocol layer, and application layer in the technical architecture, aiming at possible performance bottlenecks in large-scale decentralized applications, the possible transformation thresholds of blockchain + Internet companies/economic entities, and distributed database problems that may arise in decentralized cloud storage. To the above-mentioned problems, it has adapted highly targeted solutions.
  • Basic Technology Layer
    CVN Chain, Rollup Two-layer Network, CVN Net, Sharding, Layering, LevelDB, StateTrie tree, Blockchain IoT Gateway.
  • Consensus Layer
    Consensus management, VRF, DAO, PoSt, PBFT, Layer 2
  • Protocol Layer
    Multi-language support smart contract virtual machine, new version of Solidity contract, CRC20, CRC721 contract application, CRC81 stable currency issuance instruction, Bip44 protocol, digital identity, transaction processing, asynchronous communication, data input and output protocol.
  • Application Layer
    Decentralized storage cloud, development platform, lifecloud video content distribution platform and player, privacy data storage management system DID, Buffle test framework, SDK development framework such as CVN.js, Chrome plug-in wallet, blockchain browser, additional issuance/ Destroy standard interface, PC-WEB end offline transaction and signature interface, database management/operation/query component.